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Armani fragrances are an olfactory interpretation of the Armani minimalist chic style. The epitome of understated luxury, they are modern, yet timeless, made to last forever yet capture the beauty of present time.

Armani fragrances are designed for everyone, but tailored to each person. Fragrances that take every attitude and bring it to life. They are statements for those who don’t fit into just one mold. You are free to express all of the different parts of yourself for every whim and every occasion.

A timeless totem that will never go out of style.


To achieve this powerful effect on the world, there are a few things to know about selecting and wearing fragrance. Each of us has a unique chemistry, which reacts in its own way with every fragrance. Choosing a signature fragrance thoughtfully is crucial, along with using it properly, preserving its potency, and then building a collection of fragrances for different occasions.

These facts and expert advices will ensure the best fragrance experience imaginable.

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Your perfuming gestures

Wearing a fragrance is setting an intention to emanate a certain point of view. It is essential to apply perfumes and colognes properly for maximum diffusion and staying power. The first step is hydration. Dry skin makes perfume evaporate quickly. For excellent depth and longevity, moisturize the skin with the scented lotion from the same fragrance line as your perfume or cologne.

Location matters. Spray fragrance onto the parts of your body that are closest to the warmth of the heartbeat, such as wrists, inner elbows and behind ears. The backs of the knees and cleavage are also excellent places where the heat works to activate and diffuse the scent into the air.

Finally, perfume the hair and clothing to achieve a more intense and long-lasting fragrance. Create a fragrant halo by spraying around the head, allowing perfume to spread out over the hair. Fragrance can also be applied lightly to clothing, taking care not to cause stains by maintaining a good distance.

How to preserve a bottle of fragrance?

Perfume is precious and therefore fragile. Exposure to sunshine or heat can alter the molecules in undesirable ways, so it is important to keep fragrance away from light and at a constant temperature. Once the bottle has been opened and exposed to oxygen, extend its lifespan by storing it upright in the original box, or put away somewhere dark and dry.

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