Face Makeup

Giorgio Armani masters the perfect nude face makeup and magnifies the skin's aura without concealing it.
The face regains its full luminosity, dressed in just enough makeup to enhance the complexion and emphasize features.

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Lipstick & Lip Color

Master of color and master of style, Giorgio Armani creates unique lip makeup that is crafted to perfection, for bold yet wearable shades.

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Best Eye Makeup

The Armani intense gaze is an expression of freedom and individuality to empower women while enhancing their femininity.
The Armani gaze eye makeup is seducing yet assertive, and not provocative. There is confidence and structure in this makeup look.

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What's Hot

A collection of hand-made high quality makeup brushes for precision & comfort to apply your makeup as a professional.
They are perfect for applying, blending, layering and shading makeup during your daily beauty routine.

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