Timeless and unique, Giorgio Armani’s fragrances are dedicated to the modern and sophisticated Armani woman.


What is the difference between an EDT & EDP?

Both EDT and EDP refer to the ratio of fragrance to alcohol in your favorite scent. An EDT or Eau de Toilette, has a lower fragrance to alcohol ratio, typically making them lighter or fresher. An EDP or Eau de Parfum has a slighter higher concentration of fragrance to alcohol, making them richer and longer lasting.

What are the best-selling Armani women’s perfume?

The best-selling Armani feminine fragrances are:
  • My Way, the scent that celebrates our connection to others. It’s like a fresh bouquet of white flowers.
  • , the scent that celebrates our connection to others. It’s like a fresh bouquet of white flowers.

What are the top-rated Armani men’s cologne?

The most popular fragrances for men:
  • Acqua di Giò celebrates our connection to nature through the contrasting elements of sea and earth. With Armani’s signature marine accord, it gives the sensation of a fresh sea breeze.
  • Armani Code, the scent for the modern seducer, is a warm and sensual fragrance, featuring the addictive and intoxicating tonka bean.

How should I apply perfume?

There are many ways to spray a scent, depending on the scent trail you’d like to create:

Subtle (so only you can smell it) – Spray in the air, wait 3 seconds, then slowly pass through.
Personal (so only those nearby can smell) – Spray once on each pressure point (wrist, inside the elbow and pulse points of neck).
Intense (for a powerful trail) – Spray twice on each pressure point as above, as well as directly over your chest.

How long does perfume last until it expires?

The recommended time to refresh your favorite bottle of fragrance is no more than 24 months. Keeping the bottle in a cool place and out of direct sunlight will ensure the fragrance remains optimal.

How do I refill a My Way or My Way Intense perfume bottle?

Refill any sized My Way or My Way Intense perfume bottle at home without losing one drop. Remove the perfume cap and unscrew the spray. Screw on the My Way Refill or My Way Intense Refill bottle and wait until it automatically stops. Unscrew the refill, screw the spray back on, and replace the perfume cap.

Men's Fragrances

Refined, elegant and classic – Giorgio Armani’s fragrances for men have become a timeless reference, the quintessence of the Armani style.

Armani Privé

Armani Privé Couture Fragrances showcase the natural beauty of a single precious ingredient.
The Armani Privé collections compose a versatile wardrobe suited to an array of moods - to be worn by men and women alike.