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Acqua For Life 我们很高兴能与您分享Rosemaine令人振奋的故事,这个来自海地的12岁女孩只是世界上难以获得清洁安全饮用水的数百万儿童之一。从2010年开始,阿玛尼香水Acqua for Life活动已筹集了343万美元,用于支持联合国儿童基金会在世界各地的水、环境卫生和个人卫生计划,帮助像Rosemaine这样的儿童实现他们的梦想并发挥全部潜能。


Acqua For Life We are excited to share the inspiring story of Rosemaine, a 12 year-old girl from Haiti who is just one of the millions of children around the world who struggle with access to clean, safe water. Since 2010, Giorgio Armani Fragrances’ Acqua for Life campaign has raised $3.43 million to support UNICEF water, sanitation and hygiene programs around the world, helping children like Rosemaine achieve their dreams and full potential.

Water is life. Millions of children around the world do not have safe, clean water to drink and the lack of this basic necessity is not merely inconvenient- it can be lethal. Globally, waterborne illnesses are a leading cause of death for children under five, killing nearly 1,000 children every day. UNICEF works in more than 100 countries to improve access to water and sanitation facilities. Thanks to the support of partners like Giorgio Armani Fragrances, UNICEF has been able to provide clean, safe water to thousands of children in Haiti, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Vietnam and More. Join us and help children around the world by making a donation or visiting


* 对于2018年3月1日至2018年3月31日期间在美国通过授权经销商购买的任意一瓶Acqua di Giò、Acqua di Giò Profumo、Acqua di Gioia、Sun di Gioia、Air di Gioia、Sky di Gioia淡香水或香水,阿玛尼香水都将捐赠5美元给联合国儿童基金会美国基金,至少保证从所有Acqua for Life促销活动中捐款500,000美元,用于支持联合国儿童基金会的WASH计划。联合国儿童基金会美国基金并不支持任何品牌、产品或服务。购买价格的任何部分均不可扣税。更多信息请访问




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