Eyes to Kill Fatal Attraction Quad Eyeshadow

Eyes to Kill Fatal Attraction  Quad Eyeshadow
We regret that this product has been discontinued,
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Easy application, Fault proof result


Easy 4 color blending that follows the natural progression of the eyes.



The new Eyes to Kill “Fatal Attraction” eyeshadow palette completes the new range of colors with an association of 4 highlighting and shimmer eyeshadow shades that easily blend and morph with every skin tone, for crease-proof makeup that lasts for hours.

Application tip: Blend with a matte eyeshadow for a more intense look.
Easy and super intuitive application. Let yourself be guided by the palette: light on the top of the eyelid, with colors that become more intense close to the lash line.

Use the lighter shades alone for a soft day make up& all four shades for a stronger make up look.

Complete the eye make up with Eyes To Kill Mascara for definition and volume. Apply on upper lashes only for a more natural result.

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