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Rose Alexandrie

A tribute to nature & mythical gardens

Rose Alexandrie

Rose Alexandrie

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Solar, Crystaline, Contrast


Les Eaux
Giorgio Armani admires this strong and fragile flower and capsulates its beauty in this fragrance as a declaration of light.
Rose D’arabie showcases the Damask Rose. An ingredient that, for Giorgio Armani, perfectly embodies confident sensuality: it echoes crimson and gold silk, radiant and iridescent, and its melody undulates with sensual curves. Damascena Rose is a cross between Rosa gallica and Rosa phoenicia, both native to the ancient Near East. Extremely fragrant, the white or pink flowers grow in small clusters on dense shrubs. For Giorgio Armani, Damascena Rose is the very incarnation of sensuality. “Rose d’Arabie captures the voluptuous hedonism of the Orient”, points out Mr. Armani. “I wanted a fragrance that resonated like a desert melody. I imagined an intoxicating rose, which could take you directly to its unabashed sensuality.”
Eau de Toilette FLORAL Centifolia rose of France

Backstage tip:
Perfume in a cloud around the head and shoulders so that the fragrance lightly falls.
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