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Cuir Amethyste

A tribute to the mythical accords of perfumery
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Cuir Amethyste

Cuir Amethyste

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Opulent, Carnal, Sensual


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"The idea of Cuir Améthyste is simple. It is a tribute to leather, this second skin infinitely sensual and captivating."- Giorgio Armani
Cuir Amethyste consists of a leather note inspired by the authentic power of Russian Birch, a tribute to the infinitely sensual second skin that is leather. Legend has it that confined within the Russian plains, the Cossack warriors would treat their leather boots by rubbing them with birch bark. Originating from the wild depths of the Russian steppes, silver birch radiates the intensity of these extended spaces of nature. Redolent of smoky, burnt wood, it brings to mind the comfort of a leather armchair, warmed by the glow of a roaring fire on a cold winter night. Silver birch is the central indispensable ingredient of the leather accord, which blends together animal, leather and tobacco notes in an olfactory family unique in its own right. Captivated by the raw beauty of leather, Giorgio Armani set out to tame it. To soften and refine the sheer power of this singular accord, he has reinterpreted it with touches of benzoin and a powdery violet. The result is a subtle, balanced elixir that envelops the wearer in comforting warm.
Perfume in a classic V shape beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other.
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