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Myrrhe Imperiale

Inspired by the splendors of the Orient

Myrrhe Imperiale

Myrrhe Imperiale


Fascinating, Opulent, Radiant


Les 1001 Nuits
Drawn to this rare element of nature’s treasures, Giorgio Armani created Myrrhe Impériale embodying all the opulence of the Orient in a single, majestic fragrance.Sprayed on pulse points, Myrrhe Impériale Eau de Parfum Intense inspires a sensual fragrance ritual. Myrrh and benzoin, two precious and natural ingredients extracted from ancient trees in Laos, Persia and East Africa, envelop the skin in distinctive notes. Myrrh is known for its musky, warm and smoky notes, while benzoin releases the scent of an incredibly balanced and smooth accord of milky vanilla.
Intense Eau de Parfum ORIENTAL Myrrh of Somalia

Backstage tip:
Perfume on the 3 pulsation points: wrist, inner elbow and neck.
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