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Supreme Reviving Serum

Facial anti-aging serum

This anti-aging face serum is the secret to visually more youthful skin in just 7 days. Its immediat ... Read full description


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An hydra-plumping treatment lotion fusing 4 vital minerals and Reviscentalis™, offering skin instant hydration for a luminous complexion. ACQUA PANTELLERIA HYDRA-PLUMPING TREATMENT LOTION, inspired by the mythical waters of Pantelleria Island, is the exceptional fusion of 4 vital minerals and Reviscentalis™, an extract from one of the most powerful resurrection plants. Enriched with grapefruit extract from Italy for its sophisticated freshness and vitamin E for its plumping properties, ACQUA PANTELLERIA delivers instant hydration and comfort for more luminous, younger-looking and revitalized skin.

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A concentrated, lightweight anti-aging face serum that brightens, protects and strengthens the skin barrier for plump, smooth, hydrated skin. Formulated with ReviscentalisTM Concentrate for revived, refreshed skin in a triple encapsulated formula - a first in the beauty industry. Giorgio Armani’s patented moisturizing serum contains metabolites from the resurrection plant to supercharge skin with antioxidants, ceramides, and amino acids. Upon application, metabolite capsules burst and actives melt into the skin for a purified, regenerated and protected skin barrier. Containing over one billion resurrection plant metabolites in a single bottle, Reviscentalis Meta Concentrate face serum revives skin for a smoother, more refined texture in just four weeks*. Apply face serum daily for purified, protected, regenerated skin. *Self-assessment on 60 women. Application twice a day.

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Reboost, Global anti-aging, Skin perfector


7 days to achieve youthful skin quality.


This anti-aging face serum is the secret to visually more youthful skin in just 7 days. Its immediate perfecting action on the surface of the skin evens redness and tightens pores to provide softness, smoothness and a long-term age-defying effect.
A pearlescent & iridescent ‘double silk’ texture with an ultra comfortable feeling. A transformation into oil, for an instant velvety touch & immediate visible perfection.

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For the 1st time, an active galenic featuring hyaluronic acid for an unrivaled replumping action and velvet touch.
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