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Crema Nera Light Cream & Eye Cream

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Crema Nera Light Cream  & Eye Cream

Crema Nera Light Cream & Eye Cream



Regenerate, Global anti-aging, Nutrition Revitalize - Anti-wrinkles - Anti-dark circles


Infused with one of the most potent regeneration plants, Giorgio Armani premieres Crema Nera, a supreme face cream. Prized for its healing and medicinal powers, an extract from the Reviscentalis plant is able to uncover radiant skin and a more youthful appearance.

CREMA NERA LIGHT REVIVING EYE CREAM is a contouring eye cream with a subtly iridescent lightweight texture that illuminates the eye area to spectacular effect.

On contact with the warmth of the skin, LIGHT REVIVING EYE CREAM transforms into a light, regenerating, intensely luminous texture eye cream. The secret of this eye care to combat puffy eyes and dark circles lies in its unique and delicate manufacturing process known as “rapid heating and cooling”. The liquid substance is transformed at a very high temperature (80°C) and then immediately cooled: it solidifies. Dark circles and puffiness are reduced.
A unique “double silk” texture: a transforming balm to oil, that melts with the skin, for a soft touch finish.

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